Last bit on Cleese - can't resist

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Fri May 30 19:09:52 MDT 2003

The RCG split? At were noothin'.

Here in Australia an energetic odd ball named Paul White embraced the
politics of the League for a Revolutionary Party (New York outfit). He
recruited two other guys; Paul was good at that. But Paul also had a
history of setting up groups and then getting expelled from them. Sure
enough that happened in the Landyite group. There were then two rival
magazines with identical names --  Proletarian Revolution or some such --
denouncing the other. Produced by a total of 3 people. Fortunately neither

A witty veteran of the Trotskyist movement (and I believe a lurker on this
list-- we shall see) joked to me that some people demonstrate that they had
a misspent youth by their mastery of a pool cue. But he felt he showed how
misspent his own youth was by the fact that he understood every word in
both magazines.

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