Bush In Babylon

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sat Nov 1 00:37:52 MST 2003

I have just finished reading Tariq Ali's Bush in Babylon.  It is a very
good book and I hope to speak at a book launch here in Brisbane on the
15th.  If I have time I will post my talk.  My immediate comment is that
the USA imperialists would have done well to study Iraq's history before
the invasion.  It is clear from their history that the people of Iraq would
resist the foreigner.  The success of that resistance to date has however
surpassed all the hopes of us on the Left.

It is clear now that this is the Vietnam War of this time.  A major
struggle is being waged heroically by the people of Baghdad and Fallujah
and other towns.  The Shia may be standing on the side lines.  The Kurds
may be co-operating with the invader, but the Sunni Triangle has locked
horns with the New Mongols.

Their struggle must already be bringing joy and hope to the oppressed
Palestinians and the jackals who have sold out must now be in constant fear.

Great times lie ahead



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