Bush In Babylon

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sat Nov 1 09:06:39 MST 2003

>Hi Lueko,  there are of course many differences between the Iraq war and
>the Vietnam war. But I am by no means certain that the ones you cite are
>significant.  the most important similarity is that in both instances
>there was a challenge to imperialism.  If the Iraqi resistance succeeds in
>breaking American reslove and it might then the consequences would be
>extremely far-reaching.

Re the Shia, of course I am working with very meagre resources, bit IMHO
the Shia have followed the line laid down by Sistani.  this is that they do
not support the American invasion, but they do not directly oppose it
either.  This is very much a wait and see game.  Al-Hakim went further with
his cooperation and paid for that with his life.

The other Shia grouping that I am aware of is based around Muqtada
Al-Sadr.  He might move into direct opposition.

We shall see.



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