The words of a war veteran

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Sat Nov 1 14:51:29 MST 2003

"I killed many of them. Because that was my speciality. I knew several
different kinds of weapons, I was also a demolitions expert, OK ? I also
dealt with the flamethrower. I burned up bodies so that they were crispy
critters. (...) in my way of thinking, everything is scripted in life and
it's long-range planning. You've been around a long time, you should know
that. Oh, war sucks man. There's no doubt about it. There ought to be other
ways of handling situations - it's just TOO bad. We're human beings, we're
always going to be human beings, and as long as we have different religions,
you know... We're the most dangerous things on this earth."

- Vietnam war veteran Victor Israel Marquez, talking to American  biographer
Studs Terkel.

Source: Studs Terkel, Will the Circle be Unbroken ? Reflections on Death,
Rebirth and Hunger for a Faith (New York: The New Press, 2001), p. 110-111.

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