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Sun Nov 2 07:48:45 MST 2003

John Cox said:

As I wrote earlier, we don't need to compare the U.S. policy
toward Iraq of the last dozen years to Nazism in order to appreciate and
expose its criminality (and why not compare it to Leopold's policy in the
Congo or Germany's against the Herero instead? often we're too quick to
drag Hitler/Nazism into everything, and this is rarely illuminating).

I must have won the argument, because you don't have any reply anymore. I
cannot be bothered responding to your asshole morality and you historical
falsifications anyway, but you are correct, we don't need any comparativism
if we have a shred of humanity. The fact however is that diagnosing social
ills does not occur in outer space, but in a definite ideological and
political context, in which present policies are justified with reference to
the past.

The Holocaust industry is a prop of the neo-conservative apparatus, it is a
cover for Christian fundamentalist exterminism. Christian fundamentalist
exterminism wishes to admit Holocausts in one place long ago, but not
another place today, and babbles endlessly about those poor Jews and God's
plan for Israel, and there is supposed to be a crucial moral difference
between the Nazi solution of the Jewish Question and the Israeli solution of
the Palestinian Question. This moral difference hinges crucially on the
Holocaust experience. But the chief moral difference there is, is that the
Nazis killed gigantically more Jews than Jews killed Palestinians, and that
the Palestinians are often fed better and have more rights. You miss that
completely. The Israeli's cannot understand why Palestinians wouldn't want
to be Israeli's,. just as Americans cannot understand why Iraqi's wouldn't
want to be Americans. And since they cannot understand it, Iraqi's have to
learn to be Americans and Palestinians have to learn to be Israeli's, and if
they won't learn, we have to give them a hand, so the reasoning goes. And it
has the complete opposite effect, because it involves a denial of the
humanity of other peoples and references to "superior civilisations". And
consequently this whole dispute is a dispute within imperialist ideology.

If Holocaust hysteria is a distraction, we should focus the concept on where
it properly belongs in current discussion, namely the poisoning and killing
of a country like Iraq as the model exemplar of primitive accumulation by
the bourgeois classes in the Brave New World. So we say, okay, you want to
engage in these historical justifications for neconservatism and Zionism and
argue that murder, torture and defilement of "historyless peoples" is all
part of God's Plan, so now let's have a look at a real Holocaust that is
happening before our very eyes ! And if the fundamentalist Christian
exterminists go waffle about the Holocaust, I am going to talk about Iraq,
about malformed embryos, cataracts, infant deaths, maternal deaths, starving
youth, malnutrition, disfigured and disabled people, people with cancer,
people shot, robbed, murdered, the loss of loved ones by Iraqi families -
and I am going to argue that it wasn't part of God's Plan at all, it was
real, living people who perpetrated this to enhance corporate profits, and
because they cannot think of any way to run a society other than through the
accumulation of corporate profits by private owners.

The search for historical and moral analogies almost always signals the
incapacity to understand continuity and change, i.e. the lack of a viable
understanding of human history, and the lack of a viable morality, which
does not permit genuine theorising, genuine empirical investigation and
genuine reasoning, never mind moral integrity. That is why the analogies are
made, people think at an abstract level on the basis of typologies but those
abstractions are not abstracted from the real world in an empirical,
scientific way, i.e. the abstractions are vacuous, they are merely mental
associations serving some ulterior purpose such as "how can I get off with
this chick" or "how do I pay the rent". The possibility for doing this is
greatly enhanced by computer programmes, but a more appropriate response to
the transposition of analogies is to say "****  it in the ***".

Now run away and play.


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