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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Nov 2 08:56:56 MST 2003

>I suppose the NYT felt they had to print this crap to "balance" the long
>piece they ran in today's magazine exposing the Bush Administration's crappy
>"reconstruction" planning.

This is an article by the truly execrable David Rieff, son of Susan Sontag
and cheerleader for NATO's war in the Balkans.

It is written from the same angle as the recent PBS Frontline documentary,
in the spirit of second-guessing the warmongers. Imperialist kibitzing, so
to speak. A Rieff complaint, appearing as a drop-quote, is that we should
have gone in "hard" like in Bosnia. Meanwhile, this morning on the TV talk
shows Joe Biden and Richard Gephardt, two leading Democratic Party pols,
talk about what is necessary to win the war. If the Greens don't run
somebody for President in 2004, they should be taken out and horse-whipped.

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