Putin vs. Russian capitalism? (Guardian)

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If my memories don't fail me, the late Mark Jones wasn't very fond of
the _Guardian_.  As a Welsh-English revolutionary Marxist with a good
knowledge of journalism, he must have had very good reasons for it.
To sum his views up, he was sure that the many in the main _Guardian_
staff were, in a way or another, intelligence operatives.

In my own country, I have a good idea of what do these "progressive"
publications really stand for, so that I tend to share his mistrust
of the London based "leftish" newspaper.

This piece of news is one of the cases when one remembers Mark.

Of course, Putin not only is _not_ against Russian capitalism, but, a
Menshevik himself, he wants a stronger Russian capitalism. However,
there is a problem here: he wants a _Russian, independent_

Thus he will fight those who imply foreign intervention in Russian
economic business without the due abeyance to that almighty force
that Putin represents, the ages old, despotic but at the same time
constructive, Russian state.

If you want to know what are Putin's precedents here, look at Peter
the Great and, yes, to the Bolsheviks who found themselves forced to
massive nationalizations during 1917-18 (against their own declared
wishes, even for the banking system: please read E.H. Carr's
"Bolshevik revolution" and you will be amazed at what you learn).

These movements by Putin are, in fact, destabilizing movements in the
global scene. Not because they are anti-capitalist, however. It is
because they tend to force Russia into the G8 as just another
independent Great Power. And the clubhouse of the Great Powers was
already too crowded in 1914.

What next? War credits? Who knows?  Mark also said that true
revolutionaries should not fear to think about any form of
revolutionary war, even _thermonuclear revolutionary war_.

A crazy man? Nope. A sensible one.

El Domingo 2 de Noviembre de 2003 a las 9:36,
John M Cox dijo sobre Putin vs. Russian capitalism? (Guar que:

> http://www.guardian.co.uk/russia/article/0,2763,1075814,00.html
> Putin launches assault on Russian capitalism
> The arrest of the country's riches

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