Sergei Berdiugin died in Odessa prison on November 1.

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Sun Nov 2 09:18:00 MST 2003

Sergei Berdiugin -
political prisoner, Komsomol member, Soviet patriot - died in Odessa prison on
November 1.

The cause of death was determined as the "acute inflammation of liver". He
died chained to his bed, surrounded by the crack police guard. That's how
feared him! His critical medical condition was obvious to all attending the
court room where he and his comrades stood trial, accused of "terrorism" and
conspiracy against the Ukrainian state. In the beginning of this trial Sergei
Berdiugin told the court about his illness. But the judge ignored his request
for treatment. He was hospitalized too late.

Sergei Berdiugin did not die. He was killed. The sarcoma of testicles that
gave metastases to his liver was caused by extreme tortures in Nikolaevo
prison when his genitals were pierced by needles.

We call on all communists without national distinctions to raise their
protests against the arbitrary violence of Ukrainian secret service, the
police, the court and prison system of bourgeois Ukraine. We demand immediate
release of the rest of the political prisoners in the so-called "Odessa case",
the case of NRA (New Revolutionary Alternative) and other shameful criminal
cases fabricated by secret services in the former Soviet Union. We demand
independent investigation of Sergei Berdiugin's death and punishment of his
vile murderers!

Sergei was just 19. His murderers will not be forgotten or forgiven.

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