More Noam Chomsky in Cuba

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Sun Nov 2 13:04:26 MST 2003

They will be broadcasting his speeches to the CLACSO
conference this afternoon on two of Cuba's three TV
stations. The new edition of his volume of writings
from La Jornada was on sale in Havana for a mere
eight Cuban pesos. This means they really want any
Cuban interested in politics to have the book.

The Cubans are clearly appreciating his presence on
the island at this challenging time. So different are the
attitudes of the Cubans toward Chomsky than are the
ultra-"left" attitudes of the Cranky Yankees toward him:

His remarks this week at CLACSO are on another Cuban
site, the new digital magazine of Cuban arts and culture:

The complete transcripts of Chomsky's interview with
Radio Havana Cuba's Bernie Dwyer are now available
in both English AND Spanish at my website. They are
not available in complete form anywhere else as yet: right at the top.

Would you like to see how the Cubans present Chomsky
in the Cuban media for yourself? Open Google and put
these references into it and the results will pop right up: Chomsky Chomsky

Juventud Rebelde (Habana)
Esta Tarde, conferencia de Noam Chomsky
en la CLACSO

Hoy, a las 5:45 pm, Cubavisión y el Canal Educativo transmitirán la
conferencia impartida por el profesor del Instituto Tecnológico de
Massachusetts Noam Chomsky, destacado lingüista y politólogo
norteamericano, durante las sesiones de la Conferencia
Latinoamericana y Caribeña de Ciencias Sociales (CLACSO)

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