Negri and bacon

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sun Nov 2 20:50:03 MST 2003

Louis writes: "I don't think this quite adds up to an endorsement of the
occupation. It is instead a kind of mandarin intellectualization of the
issues, a clever playing with the question of whether the USA is like
Victorian England."

Here's what Negri said:

"Right now, we are not dealing with a colonial administration but with a
classic process of nation building. And therefore we are dealing with a
transformation in a democratic direction."

a) It is a colonial administration
b) This is nation wrecking and subjugation, not building
c) This is in no sense "democratic."

Negri endorses the occupation, he may do so in his insufferably
petty-bourgeois way, but he's whoring for Bush all the same. No ifs ands
or buts about it.

Oink, oink, scratch a liberal, find a pig.


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