WWP, ISO and CofC oppose a victory of the left on the Nov. 4, SF Mayoral Election

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FRONTLINES, the newspaper of the Left

Why are the CP, CofC, ISO and WWP not supporting a
left victory in the SF Mayoral election? And what the
heck does that alphabet soup mean, anyway? By Gina

The location of the story is San Francisco. The
unfolding story line provides the possibility that
Green and broad left Mayoral candidate Matt Gonzalez
might win what would be a stunning victory for the
left nationally: capture the Mayoralty of one of the
large urban and political centers of the country.

Now, about the characters. Let’s explain the acronyms
for those unfamiliar with these organizations.
CP=Communist Party, a shadow of its former Stalinist
self; CofC = Committees of Correspondence, a social
democratic split from the CP, still practicing good
Stalinist lesser-evilism politics; ISO = International
Socialist Organization, a mostly student-based left
wing group; WWP = Workers World Party, mostly known
for its work in ANSWER as organizers of antiwar

The plot: in spite of the claims of all these
organizations to represent the “left,” they are either
abstaining from which could constitute one of the
fundamental struggles of the US left in the last
period (ISO) or overtly and actively opposing the left
represented by the candidacy of Matt Gonzalez (CP,
CofC) or claiming “neutrality” in the race (WWP) while
helping the Democrats under the table.

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