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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Mon Nov 3 16:16:33 MST 2003

  I don't want to buy into this dispute because I simply do not know enough
about Negri, but it would appear that he equivocates to some extent at
least about Iraq.  Jeff unfortunately does not address this, which really
was the basic thrust of Jose's post.

My own take on Iraq should now be clear from my posts on it.  I regard it
as the main source of resistance to Imperialism or if you like
"Empire".  South America will hopefully follow shortly.  The logic of my
position is that there must be no equivocation at all in our outright
support for the people of Iraq.

Their heroic resistance has turned the triumphalism of the Bush regime into
something that is developing into despair.  Think what would have happened
to Syria, Iran, the Lebanon if the people of Iraq had not fought back.
Wolfowitz would have had his way and they would have been "ended".

In such a context, namely one where there is a real challenge to the
system, and not simply a theoretical exercise, Liberals of all shade do
come forward and attempt to rescue the power bloc.  A classic instance is
the article in the London Observer of Nov 2nd by Mary Riddell.  Its titles
tell all - -

"Retreat is not an option

A fast-track Western withdrawal from Iraq would be a gross betrayal of its
people "

While appearing critical of Bush & Blair she also targets those who oppose
the war.  Thus she writes of the [plans to mark Bush's UK visit-

"No doubt George W. Bush would be delighted to learn that some British
opponents will be torching his image on bonfire night, perhaps with their
children looking on. Such gestures, vapid and vaguely savage, are a gift.
They make it easier for our leaders to ignore the demands of the quiet
millions who abhorred their war but who now look forwards. We want
solutions and progress, not revenge."

So there you have the classic ingredients of liberalism -  a smoke screen
of sanctimonious concern  providing cover for the people of power when
their dictats are being challenged by the people.



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