Peter Grimes interview on Indymedia

dmschanoes dmschanoes at
Mon Nov 3 20:19:43 MST 2003

Saw there we are:  Karl, I'm sorry, but your analysis did not take into
account the Laws of Thermodynamics, entropy, and heat death of the universe.
Law of Value?  That's so retro... Revolution?  Karl, you're thinking small.
Think  Apocolypse.

Laws of thermodynamics?-- in a nutshell-- let me know when hell freezes
over, then we'll talk.

We know that, hell freezing over, can only happen when the Red Sox and the
Cubs win the World Series...

Closest you'll get is game 7 of the respective league championship series.

Yeah, yeah Nick, you chummed the water... here come the cold blooded...


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