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DMS wrote:
>Saw there we are:  Karl, I'm sorry, but your analysis did not take into
>account the Laws of Thermodynamics, entropy, and heat death of the universe.

Of course it did. Engels wrote works like Anti-Duhring and Dialectics of
Nature in order to integrate social and physical science on the basis of
historical materialism. And Grimes is quite right by broadening his frame
of reference beyond that which Marxists are accustomed to using, although
the Marxist method would be open to such a broadening. Grimes is pointing
to contradictions embodied within *civilization* itself. With the rise of
class society and its particular manners with which it deals with core
issues such as food production, energy, waste, etc., humanity faces a set
of contradictions that can be resolved temporarily but only through
introducing greater contradictions. For example, as long as organic
suppliers such as animals and human beings are separated from the fields,
soil fertility can be only be maintained through chemical fertilizer. But
those fertilizers introduce other problems such as water pollution. Marxism
must offer a critique of *civilization* or else it will be nothing but a
more radical form of modernization theory such as the kind proffered by the
Rostow brothers and Frank Furedi's cult.

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