the killing industry in the Holy Land

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“Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood and establishes a city by
Habakkuk, 2:12; The Talmud

Long ago, Lenni Brenner  noted that Israel under the rule of the Likud
became the holder of the world’s “highest inflation rate; the highest
per capita foreign debt; the highest taxes and, with approximately
one-third of its manufactured exports being arms, it is the most weapons
intensive export economy on earth.  Tiny Israel is now the seventh
largest military exporter in the world...”(The Iron Wall, London: Zed,

     The results are that Israel cannot afford to take care of its
people --the Arabs who live within its borders and in the Occupied
Territories because they do not care to, and the Jews because their
expansionist nationalist government spends too much on new settlements
and the military industrial complex.  Joel Brinkley’s article “A Price
for Security” in The New York Times Magazine (8 Sept. 1991: 42+) brought
up the exacerbation of Israel’s unemployment problems by the arrival of
“Soviet” Jews, mostly professionals and doctors, who cannot find work.
Immigrants arrived only to fall into poverty, and there was a rash of

     Brinkley quoted an Israeli education expert:
“In the United States close to 50 percent of the nation’s students go to
college.  Among American Jews, it’s 90 percent...Here in Israel, overall
only 8.2 percent go on to college...During the 1980’s the state began to
cut funding for all schools.  Whole courses of study were eliminated.”

     Brinkley detailed more social costs of the current expansionist
government, such as decreases in medical care, preposterous road
accident fatality rates, and severe domestic violence.  Five times as
many women were beaten to death by their Jewish husbands than were
killed by Scuds during the same period; the society is stressed.
Brinkley acknowledged:
“In the West, Jews today are generally well educated and often lead
their communities in the fight for human rights, social justice and aid
for the underprivileged.  In Israel, such social concerns seem almost
irrelevant.  Instead, defense, security, Palestinian violence, Arab
intransigence and territorial aggrandizement remain at the heart of the
national debate.”

     One of Brinkley’s interviewees offered, “the Holocaust drove us
crazy.”  With some creative consideration of such a massive trauma, one
may imagine how Israelis perceive themselves as surrounded by hostile
anti-Semites who crave Holocaust Two.  In a wildly exaggerated sacred
mission devoted to protection of their trust and a deranged pursuit of
deified glory, their crazed leaders execute policy decisions directed at
spending ridiculously exorbitant percentages of the country’s wealth on
military “security” from their enemies whom they continually provoke.
They barter away the futures of their children in exchange for hastily
erected settlements that do more to exacerbate confrontation than
resolve tensions.  They dump precious resources by their criminal
incarceration in concentration camps of the displaced native population
who disdain abject acquiescence to the robbery of their homes, the rape
of their women, and the terror-massacres of their people.  They
repeatedly refuse to “negotiate in good faith” despite their two-faced
claims to the contrary.  Ordinary Israelis are not secure, not safer,
not really free.

     “About 35 Israelis died in guerilla attacks or Palestinian violence
last year.  Dozens more were injured,” observed Brinkley as he casually
put aside over a thousand Arab Intifada deaths.  The Timesman continued,
“Yet far more people are hurt or killed every year by the nation’s
neglect of its social problems.”  And tragically, fewer and fewer
receive the basic education necessary to deal with the problems of their
society, the knowledge needed to analyze their predicament, the ability
to see beyond, to recognize themselves in the “other” –their brother.

Now here is the rub: in that very same newspaper, the New York Times, on
December 4, 1948, published an observation that should be first among
our analytical tools for understanding the continuing crisis in the
so-called Holy Land.  This evidence is a letter signed by Albert
Einstein, among other Jews, who warned of the fascism inherent to the
then-new Herut (Freedom) Party in Israel created by Menachem Begin:
 “...a political party closely akin to its organization, methods,
political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist
parties... [no matter what they say] It is in its actions that a
terrorist party betrays its real character... A shocking example was
their behavior in the village of Deir Yassin... The Deir Yassin incident
exemplifies the character and actions of the Freedom Party... they have
preached an admixture of ultra-nationalism, religious mysticism, and
racial superiority ... in light of the foregoing considerations, it is
imperative that the truth about Mr Begin and his movement be made known
in this country. It is all the more tragic that the top leadership of
American Zionism has refused to campaign against Begin’s efforts.”

     Caveat ignored, the Herut Party became the major constituent of the
governing Likud Bloc in the Knesset.  The Likudniks remain in power
today.  The ordinary people of Israel are captives of fascism, kept
ignorant, deprived, unhealthy physically and mentally, and sickeningly
exploited as calves confined for veal.  Internal victims of fascism are
as much victims of fascism as those attacked beyond the pale.  A
blood-drenched, cannibalistic elite wedded to the military-industrial
complex profits from the exploitation of Israelis along with the
sadistic and homicidal onslaught against the Palestinian masses.  It is
part of the piece.

     But what is fascism?  It is not simply the sin of a particular
party, but a condition of capitalism under stress.  There is no more
heightened a stress point that Palestine/Israel.  The solution to the
Jewish state problem, to coin a questionable phrase, must be socialist
revolution.  The Jewish state becomes a class/property crime, and the
reconciliation of Semitic peoples can proceed.  There is no other way.

No other people in the world are more responsible than the people who
decided that the United States of America should supply Israel with the
international backing, the funds, and the forces that Israel has used to
persecute the Semitic peoples of the Levant.  For those who shy from the
slop of the fascist brush for US policies, at least allow that
imperialist designs foster fascism in client states.  Although the
characterizations may be compartmentalized, the connection is clear.
The sire of fascism is its superior.

There is no one point for socialist movement.  No one nationality.  Like
theory in utility, praxis –to be effective— must be dialectical.

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