I had all my history wrong, but my son cooks heaven-scented sauces

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> Subject: I had all my history wrong, but my son cooks heaven-scented sauces 
> a) The United States does not allow itself to have colonies, and this
>   imposes a special character upon their "territories", not all of
>   whom have legal structures identical to the states and many of whom
>   have significant autonomy.   
> Nestor:
> "Doesn't allow itself to have colonies". Nice to know this, I wasn't 
> aware of these niceties. Puerto Ricans, of course, are not a colony 
> although once the Soviet Union disappeared the Associate Free State 
> was freely replaced with Puerto Rico, U.S.A. 
> This idea sounds a little bit formalistic to the South of the Río 
> Bravo, but we may be wrong, of course. 

Not uniformly.  In 1998 Puerto Ricans voted in a plebiscite concerning the 
status of the territory, and the majority voted remain part of the US 
(although they were opposed to the "terrorial commonwealth" terminology, as 
they felt it was a move towards statehood -- they like being a 
"commonwealth"); and other Carribean nations understand the status is indeed 
really and truly different, if not that much better.  I'm not an apologist 
for American expansionism (which has been relatively successful on the 
continent -- I live in a former Spanish territory, but it wouldn't occur *to 
you* that the state of Oregon was one such), but I insist on careful 
thinking from Marxists.  Who else? 

> Wasn't there some "independent" colony in Cuba, sometime in the past? 
> And, was it an Italian, German, French, Persian or Siamese colony? 
> Mr. Leland Jenks insisted on a very documented essay that it was an 
> American colony, but maybe Jenks was also wrong. 

Well, there is Guantanamo (the happiest place on earth) today, and back in 
history there actually were a *number* of "artisan colonies" with freed 
slaves on various Carribean islands; they were pretty interesting. 

> These days, we are remembering that once upon a time, exactly a 
> hundred years ago to be precise, some American President declared:  
> "I went to Panama and grabbed it", establishing the 'free' state of 
> Panama carving it out of a province of Colombia. How many invasions 
> have suffered Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua? Was Mr. 
> Walker American or, maybe my sources are wrong still once again, 
> Scottish? Maybe these invasions we are talking about were Canadian, 
> or -who knows- Danish? The soldiers, I have been told, had a heavy 
> American accent, but you know the European colonial powers are such a 
> terrible bunch of plotters they may have taught this accent to their 
> troops in order to blame innocent U.S.

You'll have to clarify who "Mr. Walker" is in this context; I know a Johnnie 
by reputation, and the president in question is Theodore Roosevelt (who is 
adored, 'cause he was big and bad by US standards). 

> And haven't there been any colonial regimes with local troops 
> established with help from the American Embassy and Washington 
> elsewhere in South America of late? Maybe you can remember some 
> Pinochet, some Videla, some Garrastazu Medici, dear Jeff. But, again, 
> I may be wrong. Maybe it was not the American Embassy who intervened 
> in the last Bolivian crisis, there is a chance that it was the 
> Embassy of Zambia (but maybe there isn't even a Zambian embassy in 
> Bolivia dictating the law in the country).

I remember Pinochet just fine for someone born after 1973; do you remember 
Ulbricht, Noor Mohammed Taraki, Hoxha, Ceausescu?  The Monroe Doctrine has 
defects of its virtues, it's true, and I'll concentrate on the defects for 
you if I'm permitted to know there are virtues. 

> But, yes, the US "doesn't allow itself to have colonies". Ask 
> Phillipinos. They may have some interesting stories to tell you, 
> Jeff, on this beautiful artwork of Puritan hipocrisy.

I've known plenty of Pinoys in my life, thank you; they are indeed opposed 
to Puritan hypocrisy, because they're Catholics.  You know, it's a 
multiethnic country even if you don't like it. 

> Oh, give me a break, Jeff. Look, I intended to go on with the rest of 
> your enlightening posting. But I have more important things to do. 

I know the feeling, although for once I'm not being intentionally overtaxed 
and you're not really either. 

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> Buenos Aires, 1822
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