Negri and bacon

Ben Halligan B.Halligan at
Tue Nov 4 11:55:14 MST 2003

>"Right now, we are not dealing with a colonial administration but with a
>classic process of nation building. And therefore we are dealing with a
>transformation in a democratic direction."

>a) It is a colonial administration
>b) This is nation wrecking and subjugation, not building
>c) This is in no sense "democratic."

not what negri says; "transformation in a democratic direction" means something else

>Negri endorses the occupation, he may do so in his insufferably
>petty-bourgeois way, but he's whoring for Bush all the same. No ifs ands
>or buts about it.

>Oink, oink, scratch a liberal, find a pig.

i disagree with this reading, josé. it seems to me that negri, in the manner of "empire", would cite the "democratic direction" in iraq as nothing more than a brief moment in the process of the brutal imposition of an overarching control on the region. nor is this particularly surprising; the most effective regime for iraq will have to be one that *appears* to be democratic in some way so that it can then be used to destabilise surrounding countries (and provides more leverage for internal suppression of any insurgency). negri's reading of the western liberal consensus and neo-imperialism is too sophisticated for him to cite the onslaught against iraq as somehow, accidentally even, converging with the desire for a democratic state, and this being an occurence with potential for good.

not so much a case of negri and bacon, more a case of negri talking hors d'ouevres?



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