Peter Grimes interview on Indymedia

David Schanoes Schanoes at MNR.ORG
Tue Nov 4 13:41:29 MST 2003

Marx describes the essence of the labor process, an interaction with
instruments  of production and objects of use and need,  separate and
apart from their apparent social mediation, their current history so to
speak.  This is entirely different from attempting to analyze the
specific social mediation on the basis of some sort of natural history--
i.e. trying to explain OPEC 1, 2, 3 by the approaching depletion of a

That being said, it is clear that brother Melvin's work derives its
relevance, intensity, and accuracy from his location of a conflict
between the technical components of production and the social mediation
that so encapsulates them.  It is thus a relation of labor, a conflict
between production and ownership, value and profit that is expressed in
this contradiction.


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