Victory for the left in today's election in San Francisco!

Armand Diego causebellum at
Wed Nov 5 03:01:34 MST 2003

A member of the Left Party was asked to make the
speech announcing,
standing on a chair, the 20% obtained by Matt Gonzalez
today that
qualifies him for the runoff against neo-liberal Gavin

Over 3,000 people showed up at Matt Gonzalez' party
mostly young
people, Latinos, some African Americans, tons of
Asians and many city
workers, lawyers and students and chered for over 10
minutes when the
announcement was made.

Immediately, cameras, reporters and many politicians
started to show
up. Gonzalez and many supporters, including members of
the Green
Party and the Left Party and Frontlines were
interviewed to death by
the media in English, Spanish and Chinese.

A number of delegates to tomorrow's SF Labor Council
are agreeing in
a common proposal to endorse Gonzalez. Prominent
supporters of
Ammiano and Alioto and the overwhelming majority of
the Board of
Supervisors indicated tonight that they are endorsing
Gonzalez as
well as every tenants, immigrants and enviromentalist
organization in
the City.

The Spanish media highlighted the event at the 11 PM
national news.

The election, observers said was of lower turnout than
expected (40%)
because the California Recall election that took place
few weeks

Here is a little article and the preliminary reports
we filed from
the Victory event tonight:

Frontlines, the newspaper of the Left

Victory of the Left in San Francisco: Matt Gonzalez in
runoff with
Gavin Newsom

SAN FRANCISCO - With 99% of the votes counted, Green
Party and broad
left candidate Matt Gonzalez has won enough votes to
Democratic Party, center-right candidate Gavin Newsom
for the San
Francisco Mayoralty.

In a stunning election, Matt Gonzalez polled over 20%
of the vote
pushing aside Democratic Party liberal candidates Tom
Ammiano and
Angela Alioto for the second place in the November 4

Read the complete article at:

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