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At 9:25 PM -0800 11/4/03, Eli Stephens wrote:
>There's an interesting fly in the ointment which has been pointed
>out on several blogs. The current policy of the military is "Don't
>ask don't tell."  When I was draft-age, "back in the day," I had a
>roommate who was trying to starve himself until his weight was under
>the minimum limit (he succeeded). Others sought various medical
>other difficult to obtain medical excuses. But now, all you have to
>do is walk in to the draft board and say "I'm here. I'm queer. Get
>used to it!" and out you go!

On the subject of gay liberation activists in the anti-Vietnam war
movement, see Terence Kissack, "Freaking Fag Revolutionaries: New
York's Gay Liberation Front, 1969-1971," _Radical History Review_
62:1-2 (Spring 1995).  On p. 109, there is a photo of a gay man
wearing a T-shirt that reads "Suck Cock to Beat the Draft."  In fact,
this entire queer issue of _Radical History Review_ is worth reading,
and it has some very interesting articles that investigate what the
Cold War culture in America said about sex, gender, and sexuality:
John D'Emilio, "Homophobia and the Trajectory of Postwar American
Radicalism: The Case of Bayard Rustin"; David Harley Serlin,
"Christine Jorgensen and the Cold War Closet"; John Howard, "The
Library, the Park, and the Pervert: Public Space and Homosexual
Encounter in Post-World War II Atlanta"; & Elizabeth Lapovsky
Kennedy, "Telling Tales: Oral History and the Construction of
Pre-Stonewall Lesbian History."  (The emphasis is, alas, on men,
though, as usual.)

Nowadays, though, there is a possibility that the post-feminist
Pentagon might finally discover its inner homophile if push comes to

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