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Thesis: Capital has become unable to exploit because of
the microelectronic revolution which unlike older
advances in technology has a negative job record.  This
state of affairs is dissumlated by inflation of
ficitious capital.  But the day of reckoning will come.

Website: <> (Some material is
available in English.)


Today is a good day to die. And I guess today is a good day to draw the line
in the sand and try and leave political tradition - or rather ideological
tradition for good.

All roads led to communism more or less.

If one observes the process of accumulation from the standpoint of the
increasing super abstract or rather super symbolic character of fiction capital -
bonds, papers, certifications and shit that impart to the holder of such paper
and symbols, . . . . . . . . .the prerogatives of owners of real means of
production, right goddamn on!

Capital can always exploit. The problem is reproduction on an expanding
scale, as it opiates/operates on the basis of bourgeois property. When we are
unable to reproduce on a mass scale, the mass scale that makes reproduction of
everything being produced possible - there is a problem.

God I hate the words "communist class" because know we have to re-articulate
class and all the changes in the productive forces to prove the point.
However, "underclass" in our history stinks of the distorted concept of the lumpen

The day of reckoning is not abstract and the idea that the working people of
America is going to be driven to the level of peasants is a bad idea.

People mad across America because they could not take today off to see the
opening of Matrix Revolution. Or better yet, folks could not get it pipe in to
their homes while they took off a few hours at work.

It like you sitting up with the ole lady or ole man or the person you want to
be with and taking off part 3 of the Matrix.

Fuck it. This is enough to call for social revolution in America.

I am going to the show after this comment and spend $6 and for the same money
could have had it piped into my house. This is not a question of bourgeois
property as an abstraction but bourgeois property in America and the
institutions it evolves to protect its perceived interest.

The communist class in America is going to go to far because the damn
bourgeoisie keeps going to far.

You reap what you sow.

I could not get Matrix Revolution from the street vendors or bootleg man. It
is a sad day in America when you cannot get what you want for money.


Melvin P.

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