Re Peter Grimes interview on Indymedia

David Schanoes Schanoes at MNR.ORG
Wed Nov 5 11:18:27 MST 2003

Good day Louis--

1. I am looking at the issue based on the internal determinants of
capital itself.  I believe it is truly overrating the bourgeoisie to
give them credit for operating in a "geopolitical framework"  with
panoramic view of the problem or its origins. Profit is the issue,
immediate cash in hand, or fist, is the goal.  As for David Harvey's
"broader view"  it is based on conjecture and speculation.

2. Austerity is inevitable?  Why is that?  Rational production is
required, based on the development of human needs. Austerity is the
direct opposite of that, destruction of human needs in the service of
irrational, profitable, production.  Austerity is a class issue not a
natural product.

3. But it is Malthusian and does doom Marxism to worse than irrelevancy
to not grasp the actual determinants behind scarcity-- to not analyze
scarcity itself as a manufactured product for exchange.


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