Things that occur to us in Latin America, and other matters

Rogelio Rodriguez at
Wed Nov 5 11:34:33 MST 2003

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 09:19:34AM -0500, Richard Fidler wrote:
> Answer: Nestor in fact referred to "American land that originally
> belonged to Spain or to Mexico".
> He was not talking about undifferentiated "Latin Americans".
> He was talking about European Spain and European-Mestizo Mexico (after
> the latter's independence from Spain). Not peoples of African or
> Amerindian origin.

>From the Subject header--Things that occur to us in Latin
America...--and from, "Look, Jeff, there is hardly a bit of American
land that originally  belonged to Spain or to Mexico that a conscious
Latin American does not know about," I gathered otherwise.

> Those were my considerations. Nothing more.
> Your statement "every inhabitant of the Americas is a descendant of
> immigrants" simply evades the point.

I'm not trying to evade anything and I apologize if I didn't make that
sufficiently clear. For what it's worth, I do agree with you in that the
"aboriginal" peoples of the Americas have a stronger case for claiming
this land, this continent. But who are descendents of the first wave, if
you will? As you know, it is now commonly held that there were three
mass migrations from Asia. (Only the descendents of this first wave can
claim the American continent(s), right?)

Really, this is not only off-topic but silly. If you somehow manage to
isolate the populations who have a legitimate claim, what are you going
to do with the rest? It's not as if you can "repatriate" everyone who
"doesn't belong here," if you will.


PS: I believe it's "Behold Man (Humanity)." No article...


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