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David Schanoes Schanoes at MNR.ORG
Wed Nov 5 12:24:27 MST 2003

LP wrote:

Blue-fin tuna are scarce because of industrial fishing techniques. If
is Malthusian to point that out, then call me Malthusian.

But Louis blue fin are NOT scarce simply because of the techniques, but
rather because of a system of production that destroys (and wastes) in
the pursuit of exchange-- because of the property relations that demand
profit to make any technique "useful."

It's one thng to say blue fin are scarce because of the social system,
and quite another to say, blue fin are scarce because there are too many
people on the planet wanting  toro.  It is one thing to state that blue
fin are scarce because of industrial techniques, and quite another to
say because capital can only satisfy need if sufficient profits are
realized by overfishing to justify fishing at all.

Speaking of fish,  look at some recent history regarding the cod wars
between Iceland and UK, France, Spain.  Stocks had declined dramatically
.   Iceland extended its claim on territorial waters to restrict other
countries' fishing trawlers, going so far as to fire on, ram, board and
arrest foreign fishing boats and personnel.  Was that conflict over the
use-value of cod?  Were people starving and the various nations at each
others' necks and nets to feed their populations?  Or was it about
exchange value?  Profit?  Gainful (marginal to be sure) employment for

Can capital eradicate a resource, a species?  Absolutely.

Is that the explanation for the current and future actions and
predicament of capital? Absolutely not.


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