Things that occur to us in Latin America, and other matters

Christopher Carrico ccarrico at
Wed Nov 5 23:11:18 MST 2003

While it is too late to be talking about a Neanderthal
restoration in Poland...  in the US being a Neanderthal
is practically a prerequisite in order to hold public office
of any kind.

>Other suggestions: struggle against Aryans in India to
>restore Dravidian power all over the land, struggle against
>Poles in Pomerania to restore Germans (but no, no, we
>forgot that both Poles and Germans are Cro Magnon and we
>should struggle for the restoration of Neanderthal rule,
>sorry), struggle against Vietnamese imperialists to restore
>power of the highland tribesmen in Indochina --er, this
>one has already been attempted, and failed, sorry again--
>struggle against Russian invaders to restore power of
>aboriginal peoples in Central Asia (again, it looks like we
>have already heard of this), struggle against Serbian
>imperialists to restore power to... Oh, God Almighty, this
>kind of solution is not as new as I had thought of.

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