Re.: A Krugman book review

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Thu Nov 6 01:09:15 MST 2003

Krugman: "But why is the public so easily manipulated? One answer is the
supineness of much of the press, radio, and television.... But that just
pushes the question back a step. What is it about today’s right that
lets it bully the press so easily, that creates such an effective
machine of propaganda, intimidation, and base mobilization?"

Is he serious?  You'd think an economist with his resources could link
ownership with what the piper plays.  Even as Krugman harkens back to
the days of the Robber Barons, we also recall the press moguls of the
time such as Hearst and Pulitzer.  Now there is Clear Channel, Rupert
Murdoch, Conrad Black, oh, please, who owns ABC-News, and "That is the
way it is" ad nauseum.  As Michael Prenti noted in a video about
Operation Just Cause and how the mass murder of Panamanians never seemed
to hit the newspaper headlines nor make the top story on the TV
broadcasts, "The corporate media *is* corporate America!"

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