Things that occur to us in Latin America, and other matters (reply to Néstor)

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[on this posting I will translate the Spanish "indígena, indio"  and 
cognates as "indio" because "aboriginal peoples, etc." strikes a non-
Academic Latin American ear as too politically correct to be worthy 
of respect]

El Miércoles 5 de Noviembre de 2003 a las 23:21,
Richard Fidler dijo sobre Re: Things that occur to us in Latin America, and que:

> "the problem of the Indian" (as his English translators put it
> - la cuestión indigéna) was fundamentally a problem of the land

Richard F. quotes Mariátegui but doesn't seem to extract the 
conclusions. Perú is not Canada. I am not speaking of the problem of 
the "first nations" in Canada [not denying their existence, just 
stressing, Richard]. In Canada, you have a finished agrarian 
revolution and this modifies the situation radically.

If "the problem of the indio [in Peru] is the problem of the land", 
then the "problem of the indio" is the quite well known "landless 
peasant problem". The solution to the peasant problem is social 
revolution, not a nationalities struggle. This is, by the way, what 
Mariátegui wanted to express as against those who wanted to water 
down the agrarian issue in Peru.

But I think that Mariategui failed to grasp something that Richard F. 
clings too much to: that there actually _exist_ peculiarities within 
the indio societies that amount at a nationalities issue. The 
Nicaraguan revolution, faithfully following Mariátegui on this, 
didn't realize at first the complexities of our still immature, 
lightly unified, Latin American societies. It has to be said on their 
honor that they learnt the lesson fast, and acted accordingly. But at 
first, they did not take this issue into account.

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