Khodorkovsky and US

Michael Perelman michael at
Thu Nov 6 10:59:59 MST 2003

If business improprieties were enough to blackball people from contact with the administration, the Bushies
would be very lonely.  They would not even be allowed to talk to each other.

James Daly wrote:

> >From Information Clearinghouse
>  How Russian Oil Tycoon Courted Friends in U.S.
> November 5, 2003: (New York Times) In early 2001, as George W. Bush's
> administration moved into the White House, one of Russia's wealthiest
> men, Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky, sought a meeting with the new national
> security adviser, Condoleezza Rice. According to a former staff
> member, National Security Council analysts were asked to perform a
> background check.
> Mr. Khodorkovsky did not get the meeting - part of the tycoon's
> efforts to secure approval from the American establishment - because
> of "allegations of past business improprieties," the former staff
> member said, also noting that Mr. Khodorkovsky spent heavily in
> Washington to court the Capitol's inner circle.


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