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Thu Nov 6 12:51:50 MST 2003

Like Melvin said, it really is about the ABC of Marxism.  The long
range strategic planners in the Pentagon?  In the White House?

Who is that?  Rumsfeld?  That's strategic? Cheney?  The only long
range plan he has is his golf schedule.  Powell? Perle? Come on, these
guys plan for the next buck and that's as good as it gets.

The guys have no long term plan.  They have immediate interests they represent
and act upon.  The precipitating economic determinant is declining profits, over-

Strategic planners for capitalism, don't make me laugh.  The long term interests of
the European bourgeoisie haven't stopped them from violating their own economic
agreements when their immediate needs require it.

Does anyone actually think that the Council on Foreign Relations determines US policy?

Capital dictates what the interests are-- right now those interests are about destroying
productive capacity, keeping the price of oil high, beggar thy neighbor, remove the
regulatory restrictions on avarice and destruction, and don't worry about tomorrow.

War for oil? Oh, we're back to square one, aren't we


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