Khodorkovsky and US

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Thu Nov 6 13:51:31 MST 2003


There are significant problems with your analysis-- but the one that jumps
off the screen is when you state that the US went to war with Iraq to get
$22/barrel oil as opposed to $32/barrel oil.

No such thing occurred.  If the US wanted $22 a barrel oil why then did it not go to
war with Saudi Arabia, the number one OPEC producer and the number 1/2 (with
Canada) source of US imports.  Who carries the most weight in OPEC?  Saudi
Arabia-- who increases production when the US is about to take Iraqi production
offline?  Saudi Arabia.

Who complained the loudest about the UN's Iraqi Oil for Food program that brought
Iraqi production up to near 3 million barrels a day?  US oil majors.  Who blamed
Iraq for the decline in oil to $10/barrel in 1998?  US majors.

If the US wanted $22/barrel oil, all it had to do was....say so.


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