Leonard Peltier's Appeal for Parole Denied

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10th Circuit Court of Appeals Denies
Leonard Peltier's Appeal for Parole

November 5, 2003


Lawrence, Kansas, November 5, 2003
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
David Hill, Executive Director
785-842-5774 (ofc) 785-842-5796 (fax)

10th Circuit Court of Appeals Denies Leonard Peltier's
Appeal for Parole

When there is no adherence to the law by the court system,
when there are no decisions based on rationality, spirit of
justice or moral rights, then we can't help but recognize
that it is a time for all Americans to look back to the
Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is clearly a time of
injustice against all Americans by our own government.

This latest denial of Leonard Peltier's appeal greatly
disappoints us; however, it does not surprise us. It is
simply another milestone in the lengthy arena of decisions
based on political pressure, rather than law.

As Native Peoples, there are probably no words too strong
for the anger and frustration we feel after presenting the
truth and receiving this injustice; this injustice put upon
Leonard over and over as the courts continue to slap him and
all of us in the face by this abandonment of justice.

In the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, the court admitted that
the government had perjured themselves on the stand, coerced
witnesses and manufactured evidence, thus casting great
doubt on the government's case. If this 10th circuit cannot
take responsibility and right what is wrong, who can?

Historically, America has always called on Native Americans
for relief in times of great need; whether it is for food,
land, medicine, war tactics, political and scientific ideals
or even bodies to fight the world wars- and we have always
risen to the occasion.

It will be the same now. Simply put: we will not give up.

This decision will not deter our determination to free
Leonard Peltier.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse

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