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Thu Nov 6 17:48:25 MST 2003


Matrix Revolution was great. No fat "Marxist analysis" of movies do I partake
in. Yet the theme of woman and machines; faith, ideology and the life of the
mind is increasingly popular topic in sci-fi.

Without giving any of the latest episode away, it can be stated that . . .
that damn Mr. Smith and the wicked manner in which he says, "Mr. Anderson" is
downright nasty. "What you hear Mr. Anderson is the sound of inevitability."

God, I would love the chance to quote this to the representatives of
bourgeois property as we storm the citadels of private property and they are removed
from power.

"What you hear Mr. Bourgeoisie is the sound of inevitability."

"You are freed from history and allowed to return to the source."

Melvin P.

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