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OK. When we ran the campaign in 1976 our candidate - General Baker Jr., ran
for a seat in the State House of representatives against Mr. George Edward.

Talk about a "bird nest on the ground."

George Edward had close to the most seniority in the Michigan State
Legislature - 22 years. Mr. Edward's was the Chairman of the Banking and Finance
Committee. American politics more than less run on the trade union principle of
seniority, which really come from the old slave oligarchy in American political

This gets good.

George Edward was married to one of the Gordy sisters as in Berry Gordy and
Motown. As a member of the Banking and Finance Committee, Mr. Edward's approved
the legislation that "redlined" his district. "Redlining" meant you could not
get a bank loan to modernize your home and insurance rates went through the
ceiling. Remember, George Edward is black and his wife - the Gordy and Motown
is most certainly African American. Our candidate - Baker, was black and a Ford
Motor Company worker.

The polarity had the intensity of a Hollywood movie.

It gets worse.

Mr. Edward did not live in the district but maintained a mailing address and
we had pictures of him picking up his mail. On election day our attorneys had
fought for us to get a supeona and prevent him from voting because he did not
live in the district. Our plan was to physically stop him from voting - which
is against the law, and go to jail because he did not live in the district.

We passed out literature calling Mr. Edward a stool pigeon for the Banks. The
campaign was so intense all the local and major papers refuse to endorse him
and explained why they could not endorse communism. The most conservative
paper - the Detroit News, stated it appeared that Mr. Edward's was in the pocket
of the banking and insurance companies.

In 1976 we lost because we did not know how to win or could not grasp the
forces in play. Mr. Edward's ended his political career and in 1978 a new
Democratic candidate was dug up - Ethel Terrell.  In 1978 we knew how to when and
still lost.

Our lost was delivered by the "BLACK SLATE" which was funded by the
Democratic Party through their candidate for governor - Zolton Ferency, who also lost.
The BLACK SLATE literally split the vote and our combined totally was well
ahead of Ms. Terrell's. The slogan the split the electorate was "Vote Black."

Class politics produces a real struggle that must conform to class interest.

I will continue to assemble the detail of this information. The peoples of
America are tired of the bourgeoisie. For real. No one but the communist will
label the thieves for what they are in fact - thieves, and the American people
already know this.

Melvin P.

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