Natural Limits? Was: Re Peter Grimes interview on Indymedia/Marxists economy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Nov 7 07:16:40 MST 2003

Mike Friedman wrote:
> First, What is the point of this argument? Of course it is capitalist
> industrial fishing, motivated by profits, that has driven tuna to the
> brink. Under socialism (and not deformed versions), I don't think this
> would be an issue, as use of natural resources could be rationally
> planned.

Of course they would be planned. This involves *conservation*. What I am
opposed to are illusions that the life-style of the Larchmont commuter,
including weekly trips to the sushi bar, can be realized by the planet's
  6.5 billion people. In fact, I'd rather have people eat soybean-based
food and be able to go out on boats to watch large marine life in their


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