'Militant' ridicules 10/25 demo

John M Cox coxj at email.unc.edu
Fri Nov 7 07:24:06 MST 2003

from the latest Militant, newspaper of the SWP (U.S.):

  Vol. 67/No. 40           November 17, 2003

   10,000 rally October 25 in Washington
   to protest imperialist occupation of Iraq

Some 10,000 people gathered in Washington, D.C., October 25 from
 cities across the United States to protest the imperialist occupation of
 Iraq and the USA Patriot Act. The rally was called by International
 ANSWER Coalition and United for Peace and Justice. A West Coast
 action was held the same day in San Francisco. Among the featured
 speakers were former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark, Democratic
 Party presidential candidate Alfred Sharpton, representatives of
 groups affiliated to the sponsors, and family members of GIs in Iraq who
 call for supporting "our troop"s by bringing them home.

--that's the entire coverage - more than they've given previous antiwar
demonstrations, at least. The '10,000' figure is obviously very low; also,
for those versed in SWP-speak, you'll notice that they highlighted 'our
troops' in order to criticize the GI-families as patriots; the manner in
which they listed the speakers also signals their disdain, and will be
easily understood by their ever-dwindling membership and periphery.

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