comment on Hi-tech agriculture & Brazil by Dick Levins from SftP

Mike Friedman mikedf at
Fri Nov 7 08:29:27 MST 2003

Date:    Thu, 6 Nov 2003 09:33:18 -0500
From:    Richard Levins
Subject: Re: Hi-tech agriculture & Brazil

If the Brazilian government is now fascinated by the hi-tech path in
agriculture, this is not because of a vested interest in promoting
corporate profit. We disagree with them, but it is a disagreement rather
than a clash of interests and therefore good argument might prevail. Would
anybodcy be interested in a working group to prepare a document on
alternative pathways in ag development for Brazil? Cuba was in the same
place in the 1970's and 80's, but a commitment to protecting people and to
sustainability won out of the facile technofascination that imagined that
imperialism deprived the poor of "advanced" technologies.. Dick Levins

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