Protest AI's censorship *tonight* at the film festival

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Fri Nov 7 15:58:22 MST 2003

*Please Forward Widely*

Amnesty International's Decision Generates Outrage

Call for Protest of the Censoring of Documentary About Venezuelan Coup

Information Picket 6:30p.m. Friday (Tonight)  at Pacific Cinematheque (1131
Howe St.)

We need people to help hand out leaflets and get petitions to Amnesty
International signed.

The Cinematheque is located at 1131 Howe St. between Helmken and Davie.
People are also encouraged to help with leafleting throughout the film
festival this weekend, and to continue to contact Amnesty International at
info at and dwright at to voice their opinions on the
cancellation of this award-winning documentary.

The Coalition has also passed a motion and sent a letter of
protest regarding the decision to pull the film. We strongly encourage
organizations and individuals to continue to write or phone 1-800-Amnesty
to voice their opinions.
Please also take the time to sign and forward the on-line petition in
support of the documentary is located at Over 3200 people have signed
the on-line petition in just two days.

The Campaign in New York
Pro-Venezuelan government groups in New York are also organizing an
informational picket of support at the Film Forum where the documentary is
being shown until November 11. Starting today, the pro-chavez groups will
face the Venezuelan opposition militants that are protesting outside the
Film Forum seeking the cancellation of the screening. See for schedule, tickets and
directions to the Film Forum.

 From Vancouer to New York, The Revolution Will Be Televised.

More info:

Contact for Picket:  Derrick O'Keefe 604.512.9955

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