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 The reality is that countries and regions who need to trade their resources
to meet immediate human needs will continue to mortgage their futures in
 order to make requirements for trade, even under socialist conditions.

Well if Michael offered a dream world, Macdonald offers a nightmare one from
which there is no escape.  Look at his statement above.  Now look at it
again historically.  What's the difference?  Just this:  the countries and
regions who trade their resources don't do it to meet immediate human needs;
they do it to to satisfy the demands of capital for profit; that demand of
capital for profit has imposed a lack of development, an enforced
restriction of the "home market."  And so the only way out, the only way to
meet human needs is to "develop" the home market, which means to develop the
whole of society, which alone ends the need to mortgage the future, to
pillage resource and labor. And the only way to do that is a social
revolution and so changing the ownership is the necessary pre-condition for
any alteration of patterns of waste and deprivation.

Perhaps Macdonald will look at this and say-- perfect example of  the
shortsightedness I was describing.  But it isn't, really, it's all about
production for human need.  Marx instead of Malthus.

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