Australia's magical retreating border

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Fri Nov 7 17:15:12 MST 2003

Peter Boyle wrote

>In this situation, publications like Green Left Weekly have
>a duty to consistently criticise and report faithfully each
>and every reactionary step of the ALP. It would be deceiving
>its readers if it suppressed such reports or comments.

Peter is actually trying to argue with Comrade Gould from a position of
reason and respect for Comrade Gould's past.  That is as it should be.  The
problem is that the comradely tone of the dialogue could lead people into
not seeing just how idiosyncratic and isolated Comrade Gould's position is
on the Left.

Comrade Gould, the last of that intrepid band, The Deep Entrists, has
boldly gone where no entrist has gone before and consequently has lost
touch with this galaxy, never mind Australian politics. Quite possibly he
has stumbled into the land that the medieval cartographers used to mark
with the warning 'hic sunt dracones', or may be he is trapped in one of
those alternate universes.

Certainly his posts long ago began to sound like dispatches based on a Star
Log composed in a parallel reality.

Impressive in a strange and fascinating way, but ultimately not very
helpful if one is trying to advance the socialist cause here in Australia.



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