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The reality is that countries and regions who need to trade their resources
to meet immediate human needs will continue to mortgage their futures in
order to make requirements for trade, even under socialist conditions.<

<Perhaps Macdonald will look at this and say-- perfect example of  the
shortsightedness I was describing.  But it isn't, really, it's all about
production for human need.  Marx instead of Malthus.


As if you and I and Lou, would accept something from a country that mortgages
their future! Trade and exchange are categories of economy and under the
bourgeois property relations occurs to create profits. The future is mortgaged for
money, not to improve the standard of living of the people.

In the communist future human needs mean that in our committee meeting or
mass public discussion we talk about giving needed things to the world that we
are capable of giving. The law of value is being driven to zero in a radical way
and the commodity form is unraveling.

Very bad formulation. Engels would be pretty upset and Marx would be livid.

Melvin P.

PS. We ain't sending anyone any damn blue tuna. NO TUNA FISH SANDWICHES! Lou
has demanded that we deploy part of the armed forces to patrol the waters and
stop anyone from fishing for blue tuna. No on voted against his proposal and
the plan goes into effect tomorrow.

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