[PEN-L] From Michael Yates (on academia)

michael michael at ecst.csuchico.edu
Sat Nov 8 10:03:22 MST 2003

I just started Michael Yates book last night.  50 pages in, it is wonderful so

I disagree with Michael's post on academia.  I don't think that the student
body is nearly as bad as he makes out.  Yes, they are ill-informed, but so was
I at that stage in my life.  They are also hungry for something -- often they
do not know what.

When you work with them as individuals, some will come alive and take an
interest in positive things.  If I can make a difference with one or two in a
class, I would consider that a major success.

The fact that there are so few alternative voices makes lefties presence in
college even more important.  I feed absolutely confident in saying that
Michael Y's absence from his school represented a great loss to his students.


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