Boxing, Bourdieu and racism (fwd)

PANKAJ MEHTA pankay at
Sat Nov 8 13:37:29 MST 2003

For those who have not read Wacquant's brilliant article on the
prison-industrial complex in the New Left Review, I recommend it
highly. He talks about the very interesting interplay between racism and
economics in American history. He traces four distinct peculiar
institutions in American history, slavery, Jim Crow, ghetto, and
hyperghetto/prison. You can get the article at:


BERKELEY, Calif. — In the ring his nickname was Busy Louie. In the
classroom, where he spends much more of his time these days, it is easy to
see why. Confined by street clothes, his feints and jabs accompanied not by
leather gloves but merely by a dwindling piece of chalk and a blackboard
eraser, Loïc Wacquant, a professor of sociology at the University of
California campus here, all but dances his way through a seminar on the
criminal justice system

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