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Sat Nov 8 14:18:02 MST 2003

Who was it that said, "college isn't the place to go for ideas"?

Universities and colleges are places where people with ideas can talk
about them a bit more freely.  Other than that--and with a few
exceptions here and there--the "anti-war university" had more to do with
the rich fantasy life of the Left than the realities.  While students in
the 1960s and early 1970s opposed the war in overwhelming numbers, most
were quite conservative on the essential questions of power.
Personally, for every one I knew that went into demonstrations and
radical policies, there were five to ten who remained publicly
deferential.  When threatened with the draft, these are the folks that
tried to get into the National Guard or the Coast Guard or make some
arrangement to keep themselves out of it without doing anything to
interfere with the ability of the authorities to put others into it.

I suspect that the proportions of students with radical ideas has
probably not fluctuated that much.

As to the professoriate, the less said the better....The self-proclaimed
"radical" academics are usually "radical" only in that they confuse the
term with being dogmatic.  Not only are they Democrats, but far more
conservative Democrats than the working class admirers of the New Deal
among whom I grew up.  As workers, they are far less conscious of their
own self-interest than the most ideologically backward blue collar

Mark L.

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