Democracy works was Re: Vicente Fox's Houston Visit

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sat Nov 8 17:57:39 MST 2003

>Maybe Mexico 'democracy' is the model for the Iraqi 'democracy' now being
>worked on?     No word on if Carlos Slim was in attending at the affair.......

Hi Tony,

There is always the Russian Democracy model of the Yeltsin era as
well.  Their success in Russia has emboldened the American ruling class
greatly.  They have the democratic election model down pat - huge bribes +
monopoly of media propaganda + (where and whenever necessary) intimidation
and murder.  Throw in a disoriented, demoralised and defeated populace and
there you have it - DEMOCRACY!

The missing ingredient in Iraq is the disoriented, demoralised and defeated



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