Hunter's back in the hospital

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Nov 9 07:02:57 MST 2003

My father is in the hospital here in Pocatello....hit by a full array of
systemic lupus. He was rushed there Wednesday night. His original medicine
apparently wasn't enough--now he's on brand new stronger meds.  His face
(part) was covered with large blood black blisters and he could barely
walk. While in the hospital he was found to have some pneumonia and also
vasculitis, inflammation of the blood vessels.  A whole array of first-rate
physicians involved and excellent nurses.  His two primary care doctors are
top in their field.  Many people came to look at him because such an
extreme case of lupus is virtually unknown around here. (My father has
never objected to being the center of the stage.) Early afternoon Saturday,
today, a doctor said he's ready to move from ICU to the regular hospital
floor.  Improvement has been significant in the last 24 hours. He's been
given many different antibiotics including some of the most powerful.

He is fighting this hard.

Maria H. Salter
(for the family)

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