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I am in a higher education union that represents staff, in majority, women
of color, adjuncts and full-time faculty.  I think the inclusion of staff and
adjuncts  not only has changed the complexion of the union but given it
the edge that lower paid, contingent workers bring to any social

What follows is some email from the union.  It can stand by itself, but I
should point out that the PSC (AFT 2334) did endorse Oct. 25

This Monday, November 10, US Secretary of State and
City College graduate Colin Powell is coming to City
College to present a foreign policy address.
Several student groups have taken the initiative in
organizing a protest demonstration.

As Secretary of State in the Bush Administration,
Powell bears major responsibility for US foreign policy,
including the war in Iraq and the continuing US
occupation.  His appearance at CCNY-in our own
University-demands a response from those of us in the
University community who oppose US policy on Iraq
and call for the withdrawal of American troops.

The PSC hasn't been part of the coalition organizing
the demonstration, but we plan to join it as a strong,
visible and peaceful presence.  In resolutions passed in
the PSC's Delegate Assembly and Executive Council,
the union has gone on record demanding an end to
the US military engagement in Iraq.  Our resolutions
have cited the human cost of war, the billions of
dollars spent on war and not spent on education, the
undemocratic US regime in Iraq-including the denial of
basic labor rights to Iraqi workers-and the increasing
exposure of the Bush Administration's lies.

The union will have signs reading, "Money for
Education, Not War," and flyers explaining the impact
of the war and occupation on education,
healthcare, labor rights and academic freedom-as well
as on global human security.  With higher education
budgets collapsing and student tuition soaring, and
with the mounting loss of American and Iraqi life, this
is a critical moment to demand a change in US policy.

We urge you to add your voice and gravity to this
demonstration by joining the PSC contingent,
assembling at 4:30 on Monday, November 10, at the
Plaza at City College.

The PSC Executive Council

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