Quick overview statistics - correction

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Sun Nov 9 08:55:32 MST 2003

In the list of corporations I cited, two spelling errors slipped in:

Randstand Detache - 254,000
KNP Telecom -38,000

"Randstand" should be "Randstad", this is a corporation which hires out
detache's and temporary workers to other companies. "KNP Telecom" should be
KPN Telecom". The original state-owned Dutch Postal Services (PTT) which
operated the Postbank, the telephone network, and postal delivery services
were privatised - the bank is now owned by ING Bank, the Telecom services
are a separate corporation, and the postal delivery services are owned by
TNT. The shares in KPN Telecom were initially very profitable, and I met a
young guy once who said he'd made enough money from trading in Telecom
shares, using borrowed money, that he never had to work again. As you can
see from the list, just the top four corporations employ just under a
million workers within Holland. Actually, just a few large corporations
account for the bulk of the value of exports as well.


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