MR editorial, Dec. 2002

Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at
Sun Nov 9 14:14:08 MST 2003

<<Really? but if the law of thermodynamics applies, then when the energy
expended to protect the carcasss exceeds the energy available from the
carcass, the vulture flies away.  No such flight away has been
observed.>> dms

When your economy is as dependent on oil as is the US and other advanced
capitalist countries, you won't see them flying away from the carcass
anytime soon. Scarcity of petroleum will make oil even more profitable,
particularly for those who control the cheapest extraction areas, like
the Middle East. In fact, scarcity might even overcome the law of
thermodynamics when desperate societies are clamoring for the magic

But since David denies the findings of geologists, I think this
discussion has run it's course.

Jon Flanders

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