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Sun Nov 9 17:44:50 MST 2003

>Yes the discussion has run its course, mostly in my opinion, based on your
>denial of the production of oil as the production of a commodity, opting
>instead for oil exceptionalism and entropy as the replacement for the
>relations of capital.
>I too don't see any reason to continue this discussion given that
>predisposition-- but anytime somebody posts some misinformation from Grimes
>or Harvey or the Mal-en-thus-iasts about the causes for the once and future
>predicament of capital and the actions of its gofers, I'll do my best to
>provide a Marxist response.

What arrogance. Jon Flanders has been a revolutionary activist for 33 years
and took assignments in dirty, nasty and dangerous industrial jobs over the
past 25. I don't want to be too specific about this, but he has earned the
support of working people in a hard-scrabble part of upstate NY that is
typical "rust belt".

And DMS has the temerity to lecture him about proper Marxist thought.
Indeed, Marxism is about praxis if it is about anything. Jon's praxis has
been exemplary since I have know him--going back to 1971. He is a diesel
mechanic who has been on the frontlines of every trade union and social
struggle in the Albany area for over a decade.

Learn a little humility, DMS. You are among people who have actually *done*
something to change the system.

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