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Sun Nov 9 19:39:42 MST 2003

>Oh, I know you'd love to use this as an excuse to unsub me.  Like I said
>before, and what has been made abundantly clear here to those who have
>followed the discussion, is that it's your loss.

In case you hadn't noticed, nobody else uses formulations like this:

"What I suggest here is that we analyze the movements of the capitalist
system based on the actual inputs to the categories of that movement. That
is the great power of Marxism and after all its is the most important input
into the movement, wage-labor, that provides the ultimate revolutionary
critique. To fail to do so eventually leads one, by the nose, right back
into the church of Mal-en-thus-iastic hucksterdom."

You are around veterans of the Marxist movement here, David, even though
you never paid your dues in a revolutionary organization yourself. But
that's okay. Lots of people on Marxmail never did as well. But please avoid
formulations that try to draw "the class line" between defenders of the
revolutionary faith (yourself, in other words) and those who would lead the
working class astray. We have heard this before on other email lists that
preceded this one or in "vanguard" formations that turned out to be a
disaster. Most of us are on Marxmail because we are running as fast as we
can from groups and individuals who pose things in this fashion.

Unless you learn to transcend this kind of arrogant "more revolutionary
than thou" stance, you will find yourself unhappy with your participation
here and ever more frustrated with what appears to be willful disregard for
the abc's of Marxism. However, I will not allow this list to be torn apart
by people who refuse to transcend this kind of logic. We are united in our
determination to pose litmus tests around the Hubbert curve or whatever.
You are free to defend a kind of Marxism that has one interpretation of
these questions as others are free to defend an opposing view. But you have
to learn to dispense with the self-anointed true revolutionary stance for
the good of the list and your own good as well.

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